Monday, July 23, 2012

easy peeezy headband holder

so i saw all of the post on pinterest on how to make a headband holder out of an oatmeal container.  i thought it would be easy enough so i decided to do it today. :) 

instead of an oatmeal container i used an old dishwasher soap one we had. i also saw some people spray painted their container.  i thought scrapbook paper would be so much easier so i decided to use it instead of paint.

these are all the materials i used....

glue gun
dishwasher soap container (or oatmeal container)
two pieces of scrapbook paper

disregard the candle holder! i was going to set my holder on top of it when it was finished (like some of the posts i saw), but i changed my mind.  i liked the way it turned out without it. :)

first i marked the scrapbook paper to the length of the container.

then i glued the scrapbook paper to the container! you need two pieces because one 12 X 12 piece wont fit completely around it.

finally, i added my headbands!!! :)

i even put the stretchy workout ones inside the container because they wouldnt fit on the outside.

it sets perfectly on my dresser!


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