Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring break baby

i love spring break!!! it is supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy yourself...but i love filling it with different things to do and make.

mason and i just got back from taking pam (my mother in law) to nashville to meet with my father in law.  she came and stayed with us for a week and watched mason while we worked. we drove up sunday morning and met at the opry land mall. :)

did i mention i HATE car rides? i forgot my camera on this trip but i had my phone! :)

heading to nashville

Mason pretending he doesn't care he is in a pink stroller.

i also HATE traffic

this is how fast we were going on i-65

we are back to KENTUCKY!

after we got back to nana and papaw's house, the next day we left for cincinnati! 

we went to the hotel first and then went out to eat. after that we went back to the hotel to swim in the pool!
my papaw loves maps...i prefer gps!

the air conditioner became a babysitter...
he loved the air blowing on him.

Nana and Papaw!

he hated being in the pool...
but loved watching from the side. :)

chelsey with the macaw on her shoulder

mommy and the monster in front of the elephants

i love this picture of mackenzie

enjoying a train ride at the zoo

ending the day with a giant hamburger!

we had a great time at the zoo! i think next time we will take a shorter trip to the louisville zoo to see the animals.  cincinnati zoo was great but there was a lot of walking for the few animals we did see.  the girls and mason both had fun and to me that is what matters.

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