Friday, April 6, 2012

mason's first haircut!!

my little monster got his first haircut today! he did such a great job sitting in the chair by himself.  the only time he cried when when i took the sucker away from him for a moment so we could clean his face! :) 

he is growing up so fast! it seems like only yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital and now i am starting to plan his first birthday! oh how time goes by! i wish he would slow down a little bit, i almost can't keep up.

here are some pictures from his haircut!

he would not drop that paci! :) 

 he wanted to know what she was doing back there. :)

he got a sucker when it was all over! :)

smiling with his certificate! :) :)

his certificate that goes in his baby book :)

i'm so proud of how well he did! i love this monster!

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