Monday, July 16, 2012

hot glue gun holder

yesterday evening the hubby and i spent some time making a hot glue gun holder. :) i saw the picture on pinterest and immediately told the hubby i had to have one. :) :)  i thought it was going to be an easy project that would take no time, but he had to have everything perfect...even the stain. lol

it took a couple of hours to finish but i think know it will be worth it!!

i took some pictures along the way and jotted down my measurements incase you want to try it. :)

first i traced the main piece and then we (yes WE!:) )cut out the two pieces.

 (i am making two of them)

then we cut out the y's i drew.
(i really just guessed when i drew it, and hoped it worked! and it did!!!
there are three y's because the hubby messed up cutting out the first one)

the one i cut out! :)

this next step isn't necessary, but the hubby thought it would make it look better.

HE rounded all of the edges so it looks nicer.

(i like watching him do the work...he he. i'm a better moderator)

here are the measurements for the box

here i am cutting the pieces out!
i was so nervous to use this thing!!!

he is doing the small pieces....he was scared i was going to chop a finger off.

now it's time to put it all together!

i hot glued all of the pieces together.  i was surprised hot glue worked so well on this wood!

glue the y holder on

and the box part is finished!

my first stain job...

i hated waiting for it to dry...

ps. i LOVE my pink crocks!

i waited until this morning to go out and get them. i glued the tile on them and they were FINISHED!!!

love it already!

hope she likes hers as much as i do!!


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  1. I made one and have to make more for my daughter and friends. Thanks I love it.